And at the same time, his statements please his supporters, above all non-Catholics and those who are Catholic in name only. STREAMING. We have seen this with Amoris Laetitia: although he did not clearly contradict Catholic doctrine on the impossibility of the divorced and remarried accessing the Sacraments, he allowed other bishops to do so, later approving their statements and stubbornly remaining silent in response to the Dubia of the four Cardinals. (They brush by the fact that it was you who brought these concerns to the Holy See in the first place). In fact, in another place in the Report it says that on June 13, 2013, I wrote to Cardinal Ouellet, sending him both the letter that Bishop Bootkoski had written to me, as well as the letter sent to “Priest 3.” I informed him that the civil case of “Priest 3” had been dismissed without the possibility of appeal. Subsequently, in 2008, I presented a second Memorandum that reported facts of such gravity and in such detail that it led me to recommend that McCarrick be deposed as Cardinal and that he be reduced to the lay state. I am surprised to discover that a Report in which I am mentioned 306 times accuses me of not having presented myself to testify in this Vatican inquiry on Theodore McCarrick. The first positive case within the Vatican City State was a monsignor from Bergamo who was summoned by the [Vatican] Health and Hygiene Office. On the other hand, just as I was not consulted for the drafting of the McCarrick Report, so also in 2012, the three cardinals whom Benedict XVI placed in charge of the investigation of Vatileaks 1, did not call upon me to give testimony, even though I was also personally involved. VIGANÒ. I stood up for that.”. As if the moral devastation and the destruction of faith caused by a bishop-predator – lost vocations, priests who in turn repeated the abuse, episcopal appointments distorted by pathological ties – were all only a minor problem. In May 2014, I learned from the, …the indications were not “sanctions”; they were not imposed by Pope Benedict XVI; McCarrick was never forbidden to celebrate Mass in public; McCarrick was not prohibited from giving lectures; Cardinal Re did not impose on McCarrick “the obligation” of dedicating himself to a life of prayer and penance; and McCarrick remained free to conduct activities, including travel, with the permission of the Holy See, including the Nuncio, The name of Cardinal Sodano also appeared in connection to a scandalous real estate speculation. Please shine your light and graces upon him to touch the hearts of many. The report goes to great pains to attempt to paint you as somehow lax in investigating the claims of Priest 3. But according to the norm of canon law, the calling of witnesses is the responsibility of the one who is in charge of the process, on the basis of evidence gathered in the investigation phase. Many thanks to Marco Tosatti for consenting to be interviewed Our prayers are with you Your Kind Excellency! IBAN:  IT07K3608105138267084567089 Please continue to do the clean-up work Pope Benedict XVI and the grave of Pope JP2 cannot do as you so wisely stated. Among other disconcerting statements, there are several about the legitimization of homosexual civil unions: “What we have to create is a civil union law. But the damage has been done, and even any steps backwards from the scandal that has been stirred up will ultimately be a step forward in the direction of mainstream thought and what is politically correct. Yesterday, on the occasion of the Rome Film Festival, the director Evgeny Afineevsky presented a documentary called, After all, experience teaches us that when Bergoglio says something, he does it with a very precise purpose: to make others interpret his words in the broadest possible sense. I do not know what Bergoglio has in mind: I limit myself to making sense of his actions and words. I am protesting at the masses I don’t attend. And by doing so, Bergoglio would have the pretext of accusing these prelates of being “enemies of the Pope,” of placing themselves outside the Church, of wanting a schism. Chi desidera sostenere il lavoro di libera informazione, e di libera discussione e confronto costituito da Stilum Curiae, può farlo con una donazione su questo conto delle Poste Italiane: But this was exactly the result that he and the Vatican gay lobby wanted. I limit myself to observing that even now, in the Vatican, Bergoglio still surrounds himself with notorious homosexuals and people with gravely compromised reputations. LO VUOLE LA CURIA. I recall that during a conference at Villanova University on October 11, 2013, then-Cardinal McCarrick admitted to having supported the election of Cardinal Bergoglio at the beginning of the General Congregations prior to the conclave that had been held a few months earlier [in March 2013]. The man is an imposter, an evil, vile super villain . Who had an interest in getting McCarrick promoted, so that he could gain an advantage in terms of power and money? TEOLOGO FURIOSO, ALTRE AMENITÀ. Gallen mafia.” According to the declarations of the deceased Cardinal Godfried Danneels, that group of prelates decided to support the election of Bergoglio both after the death of John Paul II as well as during the conclave that followed the controversial resignation of Benedict XVI. TESTIMONIANZA: GLI UOMINI DI MCCARRICK GUIDANO LA CHIESA. But I received no response. He allow for divorce. We know very well that what the homosexualist lobby wants to obtain is not the integration of normal and honest people but rather the imposition of seriously sinful, socially destabilizing models of life that have always been exploited to demolish the family and society. I am so sorry on behalf of all humanity that Archbishop Viganó is being put through this deceitful ploy by his sworn freemason enemies who are abusing and usurping power in Rome. In November 2000 Nuncio Montalvo sent him his report and the accusations of grave abuse committed by McCarrick. COVID 19: MEDICI DI TUTTO IL MONDO CONTRO LA FOLLIA. The disturbing thing is that within the Report itself – obviously put together by many hands – there are numerous contradictions, enough to make the arguments set forth have little credibility. BIC/SWIFT:  PPAYITR1XXX Bic swift And it is exactly this, in my opinion, that Bergoglio’s “magic circle” wants to achieve: to reach the paradoxical situation in which the one who is recognized as Pope is at the same time in a state of schism with the Church he governs, while those who are declared by him to be schismatic for disobedience will find themselves expelled from the Church because of the fact that they are Catholic. As if the dozens and dozens of future priests who shared a bed with McCarrick, and who were thus for the most part condemned to an unbalanced priestly life, didn’t really count for much. Let us not forget the nefarious results of his famous utterance in 2013 – “, If familial or social exclusion results from provocative behaviors or from ideological claims that cannot be shared – I am thinking of, In fact, I would say that it is part of Bergoglio’s intended behavior that he plays with equivocation and provocation – such as when he said, “God is not Catholic,” or when he leaves it to others to finish a discourse which he initiates. They’re children of God and have a right to a family. Messages from God : from 22.10.20 and 23.1020 And I think I can affirm that what emerges is an attitude that is deliberately two-faced and Jesuitical. It should be noted that I had learned from McCarrick himself that Bergoglio had received him four days before my audience, and that Bergoglio had authorized him to go to China. He was Secretary of State until September 2006: all information came to him. If Wojtyla made a mistake with McCarrick and for this reason is considered implicitly responsible for the scandals that occurred, what prevents this judgment from also being extended to the promotion of Bergoglio as Archbishop of Buenos Aires and then as Cardinal? Sono nato a Genova; ho vissuto a Torino, Genova e – ormai da molti anni – a Roma. Enjoy reading it. He allow for divorce. Once again, the Report speaks for itself. Delikat für wen? But this was exactly the result that he and the Vatican gay lobby wanted. Furthermore, it also seems significant to me that James Grein, the only victim of McCarrick’s sexual molestations who had the courage to denounce him publicly, does not appear in the Report, and that there is no trace of his testimony, in which he would have also reported the trip he made with McCarrick to St. Gallen at the end of the 1950s. Bergoglio’s action is above all directed outside the Church. Someone probably made John Paul II believe that the accusations against McCarrick were fabricated, following the model of the discrediting operations that communist Poland had already carried out against good bishops and priests who opposed the regime. I would like to emphasize one aspect in particular. 17 Novembre 2020VIROLOGOCRACIA – PODER A LOS VIRÓLOGOS. Ho “coperto” molti campi: cronaca, sindacale, parlamentare, educazione e scuola, diplomazia. This is absolutely false! 18 Novembre 2020WHAT TIES MCCARRICK TO THE PAPAL PLACET TO HOMOSEXUAL UNIONS. I am asking for an imperfect council to replace this evil pestilence in the field of the Lord! The Pope, according to the report, maintains that you did not inform him of McCarrick’s activities or restrictions in June of 2013. THE CRY OF A DOCTOR IN LOMBARDY. The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith has already unequivocally clarified that in no case may a Catholic approve of civil unions, because they constitute a legitimization of public concubinage and are only a step towards the legal recognition of so-called homosexual marriages. Messages from 24.4.20 The intentions of the one who drafted the Report are clear: to pass off responsibility for the promotions of McCarrick to his Predecessors, one of whom is deceased and canonized (John Paul II), the other who is old and weak (Benedict XVI). ABOUT THE VIRUS, DEATH AND GOD. In 2003, the Cardinal’s nephew, the engineer Andrea Sodano, with letters of recommendation from his uncle the Secretary of State and in his capacity as a consultant to the Follieri real estate group (in some official documents he is also indicated as vice-president of the group), acquired property at rock bottom prices from American dioceses condemned to compensate damages from civil sexual abuse cases, obtaining an enormous economic advantage for himself to the detriment of the Church. If instead that discrimination results only from being a person who behaves like everyone else with respect for others and without any imposition of one’s own lifestyle, it should be rightly condemned. IL RAPPORTO MCCARRICK E MONS. Ho sempre voluto fare il giornalista, mi hanno convinto sin da piccolo che si trattasse di una professione nobile e importante. If canonically it is unthinkable to excommunicate a Catholic for the mere fact that he wishes to remain so, politically and strategically this abuse would allow Bergoglio to expel his adversaries from the Church, consolidating his own power.

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